“Beat” Blog Twitter List

As I develop my capabilities and insights into Twitter, I’m learning what a rich and vital community the site can be.  Not only is Twitter an awesome source for news aggregation–especially because it can be tailored to your specific interests–it’s also a healthy resource for networking within my specific area of interest for my developing “Beat” Blog for Social Media Theory.

I spent quite a bit of time rummaging through the myriad Twitter accounts related to gays, gay men, gay men on television, gay television, gay culture & rights, etc.  My blog will be titled “Gay Gaze: Can you Believe What You’re Seeing?” The blog will be primarily tailored to focus on representation of gay men on television and how gay men perceive that representation. In light of the topic, I primarily sought out television-related Twitter users.  There aren’t many.  The primary contacts will once again be LogoTv and The BackLot. Both of these are among my group of influencers for my “beat” blog.  I also included BravoTv. While not specifically a gay television network like Logo, Bravo’s programming often caters to gays and therefore I feel like it’s relevant for my Twitter list.

I pretty quickly realized that to develop a decent network on Twitter, I would have to expand my list to focus on more than just gay television. That makes sense, because gay news and culture will also be necessary considerations to include on my blog as it develops. The remainder of my list is comprised of sources that pertain to human rights, gay news, general arts and entertainment, gay culture and the like.  I included individuals who are influential and iconic in the realm of gay television and arts as well. The link for the list is below.


I created another list that will pertain to my beat blog but not as directly as the members on the list above. Politics is part and parcel to all our lives–especially in contemporary culture for gays.  Issues like equal rights and gay marriage are hot-buttons for most. I’m pretty conservative in my political ideologies and identify most closely with the Republican stance, so I created a list titled “Gay Republicans” to enhance my contact list in this separate-but-related category.


I also tailored a list of the media/news outlets that I trust and identify with the most. These are sources ranging from newspapers to television and radio.


Since I’m new on Twitter and I have alot to learn about how lists work and how they’re most beneficial, I’m developing other lists I could create.  I want to spend some time working with the lists I’ve already created to see how they operate so that I will be able to streamline what I’ve already created and so I’ll have a better direction with creating new lists.





One thought on ““Beat” Blog Twitter List

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Fantastic, Barry, this is above and beyond.

    One thing that might help…checking out some of the hashtags for popular shows of relevance. Almost all shows have a hashtag these days, and although it depends on the show, talking about TV on Twitter is really quite popular. You might find interesting conversation/people to follow there.

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