International Collegiate Twitter Scavenger Hunt Storified

In what turned out to be an excellent exercise in gaining some command on Twitter, my classmates and I joined with colleges and universities all over the country and even internationally to compete in the Twitter Scavenger Hunt.  Our professors provided the scavenger list…we provided the Twitter content.  I joined the challenge with my University of Memphis cohorts Robin Spielberger and Jessica Rainer.  The three of us attacked the challenge with not a little ingenuity and finished the week-long task with a compilation of scavenged tweets.  The culmination of the project was the creation of a video using the social media app called Vine.  Below is the link to our Storify version of the challenge, including our Twitter interaction with students on UofM campus and across the nation.

I’m still pretty green with Twitter and all its functionalities, but this challenge definitely added to my progress.  The most difficult part of the assignment was part and parcel to the way Twitter works: attempting to cram all the information (quotes, tags, hashtags, links and pictures) into the 140-character limit imposed for posting on Twitter.  But with a little collaboration and plenty of creativity, we circumvented the limitations and completed the challenge.

Enjoy our adventures!


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