“Barry vs. Drag Race” Twitter Chat Storified

I should’ve known better. But probably out of sheer naivete and over-enthusiasm and on assignment to carry out a Twitter chat for J7330, I endeavored to do so with the thousands of fans of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

First of all, I’m way too obsessed with this television show to be distracted with anything. The endeavor was largely doomed only on that front. Second, I’m still pretty new on Twitter, so diving into such a flurry was probably a bit too much, too soon. And finally, Drag Race has a very active scenario on Twitter–with nation-wide interaction and even actual direct input from show creators, contestants and even Rupaul himself. To attempt to effectively engage in that setting is ambitious for even the Twitter savvy.

But I tried it anyways–TWICE.  I had some meager successes and even some engagement with the stars of the show. And I learned plenty about what kinds of twitter chat scenarios are conducive and how settings like this one are more effectively navigated.

In honor of the assignment, I did a third twitter chat to have more compelling evidence. That Storify is forthcoming. But for giggles and for recreation’s sake, I pulled together this Storify version of my two endeavors with Drag Race. Just follow the link below!



One thought on ““Barry vs. Drag Race” Twitter Chat Storified

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Haha. I wouldn’t call this a total fail – I would call it an interesting and fun experiment. It’s always hard to keep up with a hashtag as huge as this one, no matter how experienced you are. 🙂

    Quick suggestion – Always have your links open in a new tab. There should be a box that you can select when you put links in.

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