Math and Journalism: #wjchat Storified

After my ambitious intentions (and subsequent struggles) to utilize Rupaul’s Drag Race and hashtag #dragrace as the setting for my assigned Twitter chat, I learned the setting for a viable chat needed to be smaller, more intimate and actually more specialized.  Alongside my classmates in Social Media Theory, I participated in such a Twitter chat during the weekly #wjchat scenario, which takes up different topics each week pertaining to journalism.  Journalism professionals, professors and students from all across the country participated. I got a firm grasp on how a Twitter chat should actually work during this process.

An interesting observation did surface during this Twitter chat as well. While the primary (and also challenging) conversation about math and its role in journalism continued on the main hashtag feed, I saw pretty quickly that subsets of conversation can easily develop during these scenarios.  An observation I made engaged two other participants in the Twitter chat (who also happened to be classmates and who have two very different backgrounds in journalism).  I was intrigued to see how our semi-private, related yet unrelated conversation developed its own identity while the three of us maintained engagement in the main Twitter chat conversation.

Indeed, it’s accurate to say that for a guy who only a few weeks ago had never even really tweeted at all, my experience with Twitter already has advanced far beyond capabilities and benefit of understanding that I could’ve never foreseen. Follow the link below to see how I’m evolving!


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