I”ve been an Instagram user since 2012. As such, I guess this is not an appropriate medium to use for an assignment that instructed us to use a new tool and one not discussed in class. ¬†I’m pretty sure we didn’t take up Instagram officially in class, so maybe it qualifies at least on that front. ¬†But how I feel it IS appropriate to select ths platform for this assignment is because I have suddenly gained insight on how to use the application right. ¬†So it’s like it’s all new to me.

What caused me to realize some things about my Instragram use was a link shared by Nitzana that offered analytics for Instagram use. ¬†It’s called Iconosquare. And it’s very easy to use. But reading those results were not easy. Let me explain.

Because for once in my life I was a fairly early adopter with Instagram (within my circle of friends in Chattanooga, at least), I’ve had an opinion that my IG account was pretty darn active. ¬†I like to take photos, and I also like to archive them. IG has been a great outlet and resource on this front, beyond being terribly fun to see the ways all my fellow users employed the app. ¬†It has felt like that my IG has been pretty popular–highly frequented even.

Not so much. The metrics don’t lie. ¬†I was somehow deluded about what kind of activity I had been putting into my IG.

For example: My most liked potos have some miserable rankings in the scheme of things.15? Seriously? That’s might highest number of likes? I was¬†convinced¬†I had higher numbers than that.

And what about my frequent buddies showing me IG love? I know that certainly there are a few on my friends list that like EVERYTHING I post. Deluded again. ¬†So many posts, and even Renay–my¬†best friend of over 20 years–has only liked me 27 times. Really? ¬†This has all made me do something thinking. And it occurred to me. “Maybe it’s because you don’t have enough IG¬†friends.”igersiconosquare

Simple enough realization, I guess, but it hadn’t happened because I was too busy focusing on quality and content posted instead of the size of my audience. Well I fixed that. I revamped my friends list to include as many people in my contacts list I could thing to add. I’ve seen an increase on my friends list of over 45 people in the last week.

So yeah. IG is new. For me. I’ve been SHOCKED at how much new activity has been prompted. ¬†And i’m excited to see how this platform can help me grow my engagement within the social media realm.





A Social Media Week Storified (2/2/14-2/9/14)

The link below will walk you through what a typical week for my social media use looks like, using Storify to aggregate my posts from the sites I use. For now, I rely on only three social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow the Storify  link below to gain a little insight into how I might typically coordinate posts on all three outlets during a typical week to communicate with friends and colleagues alike.